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Is it worth buying Apple iPhone 12 in 2022?

Apple iPhone 12 was launched in Sep 2020 and was Apple flagship for the year 2021. In Sep 2021 Apple launched iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 pro max. So, after the launch of Apple iPhone 13 what’s the active status of Apple iPhone 12?

  1. Apple iPhone 12 – Available brand new with Apple and elsewhere. Later this year when Apple iPhone 14 is launched, iPhone 11 will be discontinued and Apple iPhone 12 is expected to be active.
  2. Apple iPhone 12 mini – Available brand new with Apple and elsewhere
  3. Apple iPhone 12 Pro – Discontinued by Apple. Might be available brand new with few retailers. This model is now completely replaced by Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Apple does not supply this anymore. Although all spare parts etc are available.
  4. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max – Discontinued by Apple. Might be available brand new with few retailers and available in used/ refurbished condition with several retailers. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max has been replaced with Apple iPhone 13 pro max.

Apple iPhone 12 range is today available nearly 25% cheaper than launch price. Used or Refurbished iPhone 12 range is available nearly 40% to 45% cheaper than original price. Most reputed retailer will sell Apple iPhone 12 used with 1 year warranty or sometimes 18 months warranty. offers 12 months comprehensive warranty for Apple iPhone 12 and most devices are just like new condition.

In several customer’s opinion one gen previous range of Apple iPhone are the most value for money devices. Take iPhone 12 64gb for example it was launched for €913 in Sep 2020 , a year and half later as on April 2022 iPhone 12 is now available at €829 which is 9% cheaper . Online you can find deals at €799 for brand new at . Another inexpensive way to buy iPhone 12 will be at €69/ month of 12 easy installments. If buying premium quality preowned iPhone 12 it costs just €609 or approx €55/ month.

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