Common Faults with Electric scooters and how to fix ( Xiaomi electric scooter )

Common Faults with Electric scooters and how to fix ( Xiaomi electric scooter )

In this section we will discuss common issues with Xiaomi electric scooters, what does these faults means and how to fix .

1. ERROR 14 


ERROR 14 is most common reported issue with XIAOMI scooters , this error is common for Xiaomi essential, Xiaomi 1s , Xiaomi Pro 2 , Xiaomi M365 

Electric scooter will not move and you can hear beep sound with number 14 flashing on dash board. 

Error 14 on a Xiaomi electric scooter usually indicates the need for a throttle replacement. Typically throttles become damaged by impact when the e-scooter is knocked or crashed. 

Throttle of Xiaomi scooters has magnet inside which can get damage when user crashes, scooter falls. Other main component inside Throttle is Sensor which can sometime get damaged and in most circumstances scooter needs Throttle replacement 

1. Cost of replacing faulty throttle ? 

Typically in the range of €50 

2. How long does it take to fix new throttle ? 

If new throttle is available for your electric scooter then it typically takes 1.5 hours for a trained technician to remove faulty throttle and replace same with new one.

Error 15

Your Xiaomi electric scooter will show ERROR 15 on dashboard followed with service sign . Error 15 will flash on dashboard in color red and service sign will also flash. Post this scooter will not accelerate or move on its own 

This is again a safety inbuilt feature built in Xiaomi electric scooters.

This error will flash on dashboard of Xiaomi scooters and most of the time relates to scooter brakes. It could be a simple fix which includes adjusting break lever to its original position to readjusting brake cable . In most cases you need to bring electric scooter to trained technician who will be able to pinpoint exact issue with brake. Over period of time just like our cars and motorbikes, electric scooters part also experience wear and tear. 

Brake is most essential part which keeps scooter rider safe. When scooter controller senses abnormal brake performance it will show Error 15 and scooter motor won't start. 

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