10 reasons to buy Robot vacuum cleaner

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10 reasons to buy Robot vacuum cleaners over traditional Hoovers

Why buy Robot Vacuum cleaners over cordless or corded vacuum cleaners / hoovers 

1. Convenience. As evident from the images above Robot vacuum cleaners are far more convenient way of cleaning house compared to corded or battery operated vacuum cleaners 

2. 2 in 1 function.Most robot vacuum cleaners can mop as well as vacuum. User can select which function to perform and the robot vacuum cleaner will do the rest. Traditional corded or wireless vacuum cleaners can only vacuum and not mop the surface. User need to buy 2 different devices one each for mopping and vacuum. 

3. Easy to store. Since robot vacuum cleaner replaces two devices it takes less space for storage. Dimensions of a robot vacuum are also far small and compact compared to tradition vacuum cleaners 

4. Less Hassle. Only job user needs to operate a Robot vacuum cleaner is replace the dust bag or fill the water in mopping container and select function remotely via mobile app . 

5. Works Remotely. Imagine you are in office. Just before leaving for home, activate smart vacuum cleaner to clean the house. Come home to clean house without need of you picking up a corded vacuum cleaner and going around the house cleaning yourself. Likewise come home from holidays and find your house clean of dust . Cleaner environment, free of dust and pet hair is healthier for house occupier.

6. Economical. Most robot vacuum cleaners are economical compared to house help. Electric power consumption is also low for smart vacuum cleaners compared to traditional vacuums 

7. Time. These smart devices free up your hands so you have more time to do other things.How often do we complain lack of time to pursue a hobby, spending time with family, watching your favorite show/ movie etc. Bring home a robot vacuum cleaner , so you can invest your valuable time elsewhere rather then going around house cleaning 

8. Health.  If you suffer from mobility disability, owning a Robot vacuum cleaner will be so much useful. We mentioned earlier how a dust free environment is so much better for well being. Some people suffer from dust allergy and they can schedule robot vacuum to clean house may be twice daily to get rid of dust etc 

9. Self Charging. Robot vacuum cleaners are self charging. If they run low on battery, device will automatically find its charger, recharge itself and if task was incomplete it will go back cleaning the room.

10. Less Noise. Robot vacuum cleaners operate at less noise level compared to traditional vacuums. Remote app allows user to adjust vacuum power and noise will accordingly be auto adjusted. Most apps will have silent operation mode where vacuum will do cleaning with very low noise. How often in our homes kids or pets wake up to noisy vacuum cleaners. Bring home Robot vacuum cleaner for a quieter and cleaner home. 

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