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          Smart home products

          Robot Vacuum cleaners have several advantages over regular vacuum cleaners 

          1. Robot vacuum cleaners are more compact 

          2. They clean the floor so you don't have to clean or handle vacuum with your hands 

          3. Robot vacuum cleaners can be controlled by smart mobiles. Most Robot vacuum cleaners we stock have smart mobile apps ( android and iOS ) and can be managed remotely 

          4. They never discharge , always ready to vacuum. Not only do Robot Vacuum / Smart Vacuum cleaners clean your house automatically, but they also return to their charging docks at the end of a cycle so that they’re ready to go next time. You will never miss not charging a Robot vacuum cleaner 

          5. Robot vacuum cleaner will notify when to empty the dust compartment 

          6. MOP and Vacuum function. Several Robot Vacuum cleaners will do both mopping and cleaning. You can manage from your mobile which function you wish to perform 

          7. Robot vacuum cleaners will clean your house while your sleeping or away on holidays. Imagine you are away for several weeks and just the night before reaching home you have your house mopped and vacuumed 

          8. Robot vacuum cleaners are intelligent enough to adjust cleaning as per the surface ( carpet , tiles, wooden floor etc ) 

          9. Robot vacuum cleaners will create your house layout map automatically on the mobile app when you activate them for the first time and then on the map you can create no go zone for your vacuum cleaner so it will avoid places where you dont want them to vacuum like may be you have cables under TV cabinet or kids tiny toys in one corner of house etc 

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