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where can i repair my electric scooter in Ireland and buy spare parts / accessories ?

Electric scooters are getting very popular every year. Hundreds of Irish customers use an electric scooter for their commute to work, travel from home to bus stop/ Luas stop or Dart station. 

The most popular brands of electric scooters in Ireland are Xiaomi and Segway.

Many times electric scooter users wonder where to shop for accessories, spare parts, and repair services in Dublin? is an Irish business based in Dublin. is a very popular and best online shop for electric scooters, accessories, parts, and repairs. 

Question.  What are electric scooter accessories available? 

Answer. stocks several accessories like 

1. Electric scooter Helmet 
2. High strength number lock, and 80cm key lock 
3. Electric scooter dashboard waterproof cover 
4. Storage pouches for electric scooters
5. Security alarm for electric scooters
6. Bottle holder for electric scooters
7. Handlebar mount for Kids 

Question. What spare parts are available for electric scooters 

Answer. sells below mentioned spare parts for electric scooters

1. Tubeless tires. Most electric scooters come with standard pneumatic tires which offer a smooth ride but are prone to puncture. Now you can upgrade your electric scooter tires to tubeless / puncture-proof tires 
2. Brake lever. Brake lever available for Xiaomi electric scooters
3. Throttle lever for Xiaomi electric scooters.
4. Parking stand for Xiaomi electric scooters
5. Rear fender for electric scooters. 
6. Front fender for electric scooters.
7. Electric scooter brake disc and brake pads
8. Rear Brake lamp
9. Brake pads 
10. Brake disc

Question. Where can I repair my electric scooter in Dublin and Ireland? 

Answer. Contact or WhatsApp +353 852324484 for all your electric scooter repair needs. 

We undertake most of the repairs for all brands of electric scooters. Our expert team of technicians are well trained, experienced, and equipped to fix water damage, battery replacement, and brake or throttle lever repair. We can supply and fit new tubeless tires for Xiaomi and Segway electric scooters. 

Brake pads and brake discs in electric scooters need periodical checks, readjusting, and sometimes replacement. We undertake all of these services in our Dublin 12, Long mile road-based repair center. 

Shop with confidence at is an Irish business based in Dublin. 


All repairs undertaken by us cover 6 months of warranty


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