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Beginners guide to Electric scooter

Electric scooters or e-scooters and finally kick scooters often referred to as the same product 

Electric scooters in Ireland can be used if you are 16 years or older. 

We will cover the legal requirements of using an electric scooter in Ireland soon, in a separate blog. Today we will essentially discuss important components of electric scooters. 

In the above image, we have mentioned 3 important parts which are

1. Electric motor: Most people wonder how does an electric scooter move so fast without an engine :) well, electric scooters have electric motors which propel the scooters forward. Electric motors in scooters can be located on the front wheel ( in the case of all Xiaomi scooters ) or sometimes rear wheel. Xiaomi electric scooters like Xiaomi essential, Xiaomi scooter 1s, Xiaomi Pro 2, Xiaomi scooter 3, etc are all front-wheel-powered scooters. Some of the electric scooters from Ninebot Segway are rear-powered. There is 3rd type of electric scooter as well which have a dual motor and is therefore called a two-wheel-drive scooter. ( shop electric scooters in Ireland at )

2. Battery and Motherboard: Battery and motherboard are located below the metal footrest also called the deck. Most electric scooters in Ireland are water resistant but not fully waterproof. This compartment which stores the battery and motherboard is prone to water damage during rains or when used on water-logged roads 

3. Folding Mechanism: Xiaomi claims 3 seconds of Fast folding. Ninebot segway claims 2 seconds of fast-folding for a few models.

The above image shows the disc brake in Xiaomi electric scooter essential.

The brake lever is located on the left side of the scooter handlebar.  

The back wheel uses a large perforated brake disc with more braking power while the
front wheel is equipped with an E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system.
When braking, the front, and rear braking systems activate one after another,
shortening the braking distance ensuring safe stopping.



 4. Throttle: Often located on the right side of the scooter handlebar. The throttle when pressed sends a signal to the battery, the battery in turns then gives power to the electric motor. Once the motor comes to power it starts moving the scooter in the forward direction 

5. Power Switch and Dashboard: Round button on top is Power on/ off switch. This switch in Xiaomi electric scooters is multi-functional. Press for 2 sec and the scooter switches on. Press once and you can switch between 3 driving modes of the scooter. Headlight on / off is also controlled by this button 

6. Bell: Typical bell is the same as found in road bikes. It's the same color as the handlebar so it blends well with the handlebar design 

7. Brake Lever: The brake lever again looks the same as in road bikes on Irish roads. The brake lever for Xiaomi electric scooter is shown in the above image. The brake lever for Ninebot segway scooters can look different. kindly refer image below 

8. Headlight: Xiaomi upgraded its headlight in all new models. The current range of Xiaomi scooters supports a 2w powerful headlight

In the below image, the left side red color lever is the brake lever. This type of brake lever is found in most models of Ninebot electric scooters. Most people find this more stylish and it gives overall sleek look to the handbag 

Most stylish dashboard and instrument cluster of Ninebot Air T15E

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