Best iPhone to buy in Dublin in 2022 ?

Best preowned iPhone to buy in Dublin in 2023

Best iPhone to buy in Dublin in 2023? 

Ever wondered which Apple iPhone is best for you? 

Apple iPhone available in Ireland starts from €199 for iPhone 8 to €1599 approx for Apple iPhone 13 pro max 512 GB.  Several iPhone models are now available in Ireland and sometimes it can be confusing to select one for yourself. We will list our Top 5 Apple iPhones to buy in Ireland

Here are the top 5 iPhone models to buy in Ireland for your budget and needs. 

No 5: iPhone X 

Launch Date: Nov 3, 2017 

This is the 11th generation of the Apple iPhone. There was huge hysteria around the launch of the Apple iPhone X. So much so that Apple ditched iPhone 9 name and went straight to iPhone X after iPhone 8. 
Originally launched for about €840 in Ireland in 2017 and now can be purchased for just near €249 

Why buy iPhone X in Ireland? 

1. Still looks very modern, slick, stylish, and trendy

When launched Apple iPhone X made headlines for being the first iPhone to cost $1000 and likewise was the most expensive iPhone in Ireland on its launch date

2. Runs the latest Apple iOS

Despite being a few years old, iPhone X still operates on the latest available Apple software version iOS 15. The A11 Bionic processor during the launch was amazingly strong and still gives a decent performance. 

 3. The Design. Apple iPhone 8 still looks stylish, and slick and its size fits in hand and pocket very comfortably. iPhone X was the first device from Apple to ditch the home button

4. Dual-lens Camera. Apple iPhone X comes with a 12MP camera and a telephoto lens. Having that extra lens means the user can zoom into photos without sacrificing image quality. It can capture 4k videos at 60fps. The iPhone X camera is good enough in 2022 as well for capturing good quality images for social media etc. 

5.  Affordable. At a cost of approx €299 for a Grade A like-new device it's quite an affordable backup devise. It's a nice starter phone for teens. Imagine you lose your phone during holidays or in public transport etc, having affordable and useful devise like iPhone X is very handy. Parents who are looking out for the first mobile device for their kids, look no further as the Apple iPhone X ticks all the boxes. 

Where to buy iPhone X in Dublin? 

Shop Apple iPhone X in new condition only at 

No 4: Apple iPhone 11 

Lunch Date. Sep 20, 2019
Apple iPhone 11 came with a 6.1" screen and had the toughest glass on a smartphone at the time of its launch. 
Apple launched iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro, and flagship iPhone 11 pro max. 
iPhone 11 pro has the smallest screen at 5.8", in the range . Then comes iPhone 11 and the largest being iPhone 11 pro max with 6.5".
Why buy Apple iPhone 11 in Ireland? 
1. Camera
Apple iPhone 11 has a dual-lens rear camera and iPhone 11 pro / iPhone 11 pro max was launched with the first-ever 3-lens rear camera setup for Apple mobile.
The cheapest of the range iPhone 11 has a depth sensor for incredible photos. Portrait pics are now possible with an amazing focus on the object with blurred background. Apple iPhone 11 is capable of very good quality night mode pics without flash. 
Videos can be shot at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. The camera has features like Face Id, a True depth camera system, a 12 MP front camera, a Dual-lens rear camera with 2X zoom, and a 120-degree field of view.
2. Not discontinued by Apple.
As of June 2022, Apple hasn't discontinued iPhone 11 on its website and it's still actively sold by Apple in Ireland and most international markets. 
3. Very attractive colors & Design. 
Apple iPhone 11 comes in a very attractive range of colors like White, Black, Red, Purple, Mint, and Yellow. As per sales analysis from several retailers, the most popular colors in Ireland for iPhone 11 are mint ( green), White, and Black. Yellow is the least preferred color of all. 
iPhone 11 has a very modern design with a camera lens protruding in the back and Apple Logo is relocated to the middle of the back panel. 
4. Durable
At the time of its launch, Apple claimed iPhone 11 has one of the most durable and strong screen glass for any mobile device. The iPhone 11 has an IP68 water resistance rating, which is better than IP67 in the previous-generation iPhone XR. 
5. Powerful processor
The iPhone 11 is equipped with an A13 Bionic chip that's faster and more efficient than the A12 Bionic chip in the iPhone XR. The CPU's two performance cores in the A13 are up to 20% faster and use 30% less power than the A12, and the four efficiency cores are up to 20 percent faster and are up to 40% more power-efficient. 
6. Price
Originally launched in Ireland for about €829 and now available at only about €599 with for brand new. Used top grade A quality iPhone 11 costs a mere €409 and sometimes as low as €399 with 12 months warranty. 
Where to Shop Apple iPhone 11 in Ireland? offers the best prices in Ireland for brand new and used Apple iPhone 11 with Free nationwide delivery and 12 month warranty.

No 3 Apple iPhone 12 

Launch Date 14th Generation Apple iPhone 12 was launched on Oct 13, 2020. 

The biggest upgrade over iPhone 11 was the addition of a Super Retina XDR OLED,5G support, the introduction of Magsafe, Dolby vision 4K,
Why buy Apple iPhone 12 in Ireland? 
1. 5G 
First Apple iPhone to support 5G network. As of June 2022, most network operators are rolling out a 5G network outside Dublin as well. Few operators claim to have covered 79% or more of the Irish area with a 5G network. 
2. Value for money
Well, iPhone 13 lineup is no doubt on top of our list but Apple iPhone 12 with its price drop is now available at a good bargain price. 
3. Years of iOS update
Since Apple supports the last few generations with software updates. It's a very viable and pocket-friendly option to buy a 1 or 2 generations old Apple iPhone. The latest iOS version 15 works with devices that were launched in the year 2015. iPhone 12 was launched in only 2021 so it's safe to say it will receive software update support from Apple for the coming several years.
4. Design
There's hardly any visible difference between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Later costs about €200 or €250 more depending on the deal price. 
Where to Buy iPhone 12 in Ireland?

No 2 Apple iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 range was launched on Sep 14, 2021, and was available from 24th Sep 2022. Apple also launched iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max with the regular iPhone 13.

Why Buy iPhone 13 in Ireland? 

1. Latest and most powerful Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone 13  is far more powerful than its Android competitors thanks to its 5G-ready A15 Bionic chip.
2. Attractive colors & Display. 
Apple iPhone 13 comes in vibrant new colors like Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, and (Product) Red. Later in March 2022, Apple launched the color Green. In Ireland feedback from several retailers shows Green, blue, and Starlight ( White ) are very popular among Irish customers.
Screen Display is brighter than all previous iPhones and easy to read in sunlight.
The old display on iPhone 13 is very attractive. Super Retina XDR OLD display is now 28% brighter than the iPhone 12; it’s also rated at 800 nits, compared to 600 nits for last year’s phone. Bright and colorful image quality beats screen quality on flagship Samsung devices. 
3. Camera 
There’s much more to the iPhone 13 cameras than just a new diagonal arrangement of the lenses. The wide camera now gathers 47% more light than the iPhone 12, thanks to a larger camera with 1.7μm pixels. the ultrawide camera can now capture four times more scenes and its newer sensor delivers better low-light performance along with less noise.   
The night mode camera capability of the iPhone 13 is far better compared to the previous year's iPhone 12. 
Video Quality of iPhone 13 
  • Cinematic mode automatically changes focus on subjects while adding bokeh
  • Superior Dolby Vision HDR video quality
4. Battery
Apple iPhone 13 delivers 2.5 hours increase over iPhone 12. A battery capacity of 3227 mAh along with a powerful chipset delivers more than 1 day of battery life under regular usage. Battery capacity is 15% more compared to the previous year's iPhone 12. 

All iPhone 13 comes with MagSafe wireless charging. 

Thanks to magnets placed in a circle on the back of the iPhone, each of the phones connect to compatible chargers and maximizes wireless charging efficiency. When using a compatible magnetic charger, iPhone 13 can be charged at a 15W charging speed. Unfortunately, the charger is not included in the box and has to be purchased separately. 
Where to Buy iPhone 13 in Ireland? 

No 1 Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 

Launched on Sep 14, 2021, and officially released on 24th Sep 2022. 
If you are looking for the Best Apple iPhone ever made to date. Apple devises with the best camera, highest battery capacity, and amazing screen display quality then look no further than Apple Flagship model iPhone 13 Pro max.
Apple iPhone 13 Pro max is 
  • The most expensive one 
  • The one with the biggest battery life among all iPhone models.
  • The device with the best camera available 
  • The one with the largest screen among the current active lineup of the Apple iPhone.

Why Buy Apple iPhone 13 pro max in Ireland? 

1. Apple's latest and flagship device is the iPhone 13 Pro Max 

2. Screen Size

At 6.7 inches big iPhone 13 Pro max is the replacement for iPhone 12 pro max. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max screen has a 2778x1284 resolution with 458 pixels per inch. 

3. Vibrant colors
The iPhone 13 Pro max models are available in Silver, Gold, Sierra Blue, Graphite, and Alpine Green. Most popular in Ireland are Alpine Green, Sierra Blue, and Gold. 

4. Waterproof
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max features a Ceramic Shield cover glass that is infused with nano-ceramic crystals for better protection from drops. IP68 water and dust resistance are included, and the new iPhones can hold up to submersion in 6 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. In Irish wet weather, this is very handy as water damage from light rain can sometimes render mobile devices repairable. But wet weather is not a concern with the latest iPhone 13 Pro max. 

5. Camera
It's got the best in class camera as of today for any mobile. Upgraded triple-lens rear camera with an f/2.8 Telephoto lens, an f/1.5 Wide lens, and an f/1.8 Ultra-Wide lens. The Wide lens features an aperture that lets in 2.2x more light and is the largest sensor in an iPhone yet, while the Ultra-Wide lens lets in 92% more light for better low-light performance.

The 77mm Telephoto lens features 3x optical zoom in, up from 2.5x in the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, and with the addition of the Ultra Wide lens, there is a 6x optical zoom range and support for 15x digital zoom. There's also a LiDAR Scanner, which can create 3D representations of close-range objects (up to 5 m away). 

Where to Buy Apple iPhone 13 Pro max at the best price in Ireland? 

Shop Apple iPhone 13 pro max, cheaper than Apple price only at 

Advantages of buying an iPhone at

  • Irish business, with office and customer service in Dublin 
  • 12 months warranty 
  • All iPhones extensively tested and approved by technicians 
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