iPhone X : Still a Masterpiece in 2022

Apple iPhone X : Still a Masterpiece in 2023

Is Apple iPhone X good enough in 2023 ?  

We revisited the device which is nearly 6 years old in 2023. First launched in the year 2017 and even after nearly 6 long years iPhone X is still selling well and quite popular in the Irish and international markets.

We are reviewing one of the Grade a refurbished Apple iPhone X available on sale at www.Siyu.ie

We looked at the last 3 to 4 years of Flagship mobile launches. Undoubtedly product and technology Innovation has slowed and we have passed the peak of the tech innovation era.

Another important aspect to view is the significance of any technological change is best seen in hindsight. That’s exactly the case when we recently unboxed and reviewed the iPhone X that was supplied by the talented team of www.Siyu.ie.

It’s a significant iPhone not just for the team at Apple but for history books dedicated to smartphones. Come November of 2023 and this gem of a device will complete 6 years. 

iPhone X is still a fab device that stood the test of time. It's still sold in 300+ mobile shops across Ireland and nearly every online mobile retailer. Customers still buy this device and it costs more than several mid-range new Android phones. Well, there's always a premium attached to Apple Logo but not without reason. Apple has proved over years to be a very reliable and trustworthy brand. Mobile models from rival brands from the year 2017 have almost vanished. 

Design and Body of iPhone X

The iPhone X looks as modern, slick, and stylish today as it did in November 2017. The build quality is impeccable, the glass sandwich design appears contemporary while the stainless steel chassis feels classy. Holding the 5.8- inch size mobile feels just so comfortable even though for the last few years we are used to bigger mobiles. The size is a perfect fit for hands, very comfy to use with one hand, and fits effortlessly in most trouser pockets. The Screen size fits most palms and is perfect to roll fingers from edge to edge. iPhone X ditches the home button for Facial ID. 

iPhone X was introduced with just 2 colors, namely Space Grey and Silver. 

The Camera is still going very strong 

This was the device that introduced a Facial ID system to the mobile World. Today hundreds of different mobile brands are sold with Facial recognition systems. iPhone X brought a Facial ID system, and gesture controls to make the mobile work instead of buttons. This way iPhone X set the template for the next several years of smartphones and the way users interact with the device.

Face ID means it's super fast to unlock your iPhone and saves you the problem of opening your phone while wearing gloves or with dirty hands as with the Touch ID sensor. It makes the security aspect of your phone almost invisible to the user.

iPhone X has a dual-lens 12 Megapixel camera on the rear which is very capable even in 2023. In low light it produces clean, crisp images with minimal noise. The Camera was a big upgrade from previous years and captures vivid colors, a nice dynamic range, and delivers excellent landscape shots with awesome depth. Portrait mode is quite capable of impressive pics for your social media posts. Today the use of mobile cameras is much more than in 2017 as we are hooked to the likes of Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Very meaningful upgrades were made to the iPhone X camera. In the same year, google pixel and Samsung models were making a very good impression with their cameras.


Where the iPhone X wins convincingly over rivals is the software experience. My iPhone 13 Pro Max is using the latest version of iOS 15 and so are these iPhone X.Several important latest software features are present in this nearly 5-year-old device as the 6-month-old latest iPhone 13 range. 

Well, Software updates remain one of the strongest selling points of Apple. Many people buy Apple devices as they are assured of 6 to 7 years of software updates which put this device in the top league compared to rival brands. The Longer life of iPhone devices remains one of the main reasons for low price depreciation for apple devices. It is rumored to receive the update for min 1 more year until 2023 and very likely to receive may be another update in 2024. 


Those days iPhone batteries hardly lasted a day of heavy usage. Unlike the latest iPhone 13 pro max which has a beast of a battery that easily lasts more than a day of heavy use. 

We reviewed a refurbished iPhone X with 100% battery health. This charges from the dead to full in about 135 mins. ( 2 hours and 15 mins approx ) 

The 2716mAh battery is bigger than iPhone 8 Plus. On regular usage of 40 mins screen time for social media/internet browsing, a dozen regular work calls, listening to music over Spotify while traveling in Luas to work, took several pictures and few videos, and at the end, we still had about 7% battery at the end of the day. The Battery is good enough to last a day for most users. 

Everything about the device is still decent 

The shape, size, timeless design, brilliant screen, decent camera, weight, decent speakers, good processor, etc makes it very capable and relevant even after nearly 5 years of its debut. 

Price of iPhone X 

Originally launched for €800+ in Ireland, today this is available for about €299 with 12 months warranty. 

The final verdict for Apple iPhone X 

  •  The perfect size for most people, it’s neither too smaller nor big. 
  •  iOS handles low display refresh rates quite well. Will continue to get iOS support and update.
  •  The latest iOS 15 works without slowing down the phone
  •  Excellent build (www.Siyu.ie has maintained a rigorous renewal process)
  • Good camera 
  • Brilliant screen 
  • Facial ID
  • Value for money 
  • Brilliant pocket friendly size 
  • Most users will be able to use iPhone X with just 1 hand 


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