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Is it worth buying electric scooter ?

  1. Electric scooters are often used when commute is about 3 to 8 km one way. User might be living 3 km from office and instead of walking to office its quicker and easier to use an electric scooter
  2. Convenience. Imagine you live 2 to 5 km from nearest bus stop or Luas or dart station. Instead of driving in car and paying for fuel and car parking now we have choice to use our eco friendly electric scooter. Most electric scooter folds within 2 to 3 secs and easily carried in hand while in Train or Bus. Again, you get off to nearest bus, Luas or Dart station and your office or collage is few kms away. One can again unfold scooter in 2 seconds or so and ride to collage or office.
  3. Most electric scooters can ride 12 km to 65 km on single charge. Can carry load up to 100 kgs or 14 stones/ 220 pounds. Many users today use electric scooter to make small distance delivery of parcels and food etc
  4. Electric scooters are safer for environment. E scooters don’t emit toxic gases unlike internal combustion engines and therefore many countries are expecting personal mobility revolution with electric scooter and similar products.
  5. Electric scooters are not riskier to ride compared to cars or motorbikes. Focus should be on rider or user and not vehicle as such. Some riders will be less disciplined and responsible then others, but scooters top speed will be capped at 25km/ hour or 20km/ hour which does not make them more dangerous than the vehicles currently on our roads
  6. With quick fold mechanism, size of folded scooter easily fits in most car boot space. So sometimes E scooters can be used while you are on holidays. This way they have advantage over electric bikes which don’t necessarily fit inside cars.
  7. Charging electric scooters does not require special charging infrastructure like electric cars or electric motor bikes etc. All electric scooters can be easily charged at home with regular 3 pin wall plugs in Irish homes, and charger provided by electric scooter
  8. We have seen few cases where people with disability prefer riding electric scooter to grocery store or news agent instead of walking. These scooters make their life so much easier
  9. Repairs and Service. Just like any other vehicle electric scooters also need regular service and sometimes repairs. Most parts are easily available if you chose to buy reputed brands like Xiaomi or Segway Ninebot. Electric components are not as complicated as compared to modern electronics etc. A controller, battery, the motor, brakes, wheels, lights that’s all-important components in an electric scooter. There’s nothing much complicated about them which can’t be fixed unless you buy unknown and imitation product where spare parts are impossible to source. Although its important to mention regular service and check ups will go long way in maintaining your scooter in top form for many years.
  10. How soon will electric scooter pay itself off? Well, if you buy something in the range of €400 to €550 and considering you are replacing this with public transport or your car. Most users should experience within 12 months to 18 months, the electric scooter will pay itself off.
  11. Electric scooters are fun to ride.
  12. The legislation is changing in Ireland and soon government is expected to pass law sometime in 2023 to make electric scooters legal in Ireland. As per latest The Irish Government’s 2022-2025 action plan for the National Sustainable Mobility Policy was published (7 April 2022). It says that regulation to ensure the safe use of and minimum safety and design requirements for “powered personal transporters”, or e-scooters, will be introduced some time in 2023

Government has proposed no, tax, insurance, and driving licenses will not be required to use electric scooters in Ireland.

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