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When is iPhone 14 launch ?

Everything we know about Apple's upcoming 2022 iPhones 

Launch schedule: iPhone 14 is scheduled to launch in the last quarter of 2022. 

The iPhone 14 could be announced on 2nd the week of September around the 13th and sales could start on September 22, which would be 10 days later. 

Apple iPhone launch in Ireland is generally in line with the global launch. But retailers in Ireland generally receive stock in approx 3 to 4 weeks after the international launch. Pre-orders start as soon as Apple declares a global launch.

Last year with iPhone 13 sales launched in the last week of September. However, Apple iPhone soon ran into supply issues with high demand and international chip shortage. 

This year although so far there has not been a shortage of chips after 2nd quarter of the year. Although there are rumors that one of the iPhone 14 models is running a bit behind the schedule due to lock-down in several parts of China. If Apple is not able to ramp up production then there could be supply concerns. 

How many models are expected for iPhone 14? 

As per rumors and several leaks, it's expected Apple will launch 4 models which can be iPhone 14, iPhone 14 pro, iPhone 14 Pro max, and surprisingly the iPhone 14 max with a big screen.

What's new expected from iPhone 14? 

1. Completely new A16 Bionic Chip from Apple 
2. Significant upgrade in Selfie camera expected in iPhone 14 
3. iPhone 14 range is expected with new software iOS 16 in the box. 
4. iPhone 14 is expected to be the last Apple iPhone with a lightning charging port , after this as per EU laws, Apple is expected to introduce a standard USB Type C charging port 
5. Code in the iOS 16 beta suggests just like several Android flagship mobiles, iPhone 14 pro model's screen can support an always-on feature. 
6. The iPhone 14 Pro models may feature a titanium frame instead of a stainless steel frame, and redesigned speaker and microphone grilles are a possibility. The use of titanium might result in a lower overall weight and a stronger body. The back of the device will retain a glass finish. 
7. iPhone is rumored to ditch iPhone mini range for big-screen iPhone Max. So there will be 2 large screen about 6.7" models namely iPhone 14 pro max and iPhone 14 max. iPhone 14 max might be the model without the feature of Pro. It might be a bigger sibling than the regular iPhone 14. 
8. iPhone 14 Max might also be named as iPhone 14 plus. Again we have to wait till the Apple event when they introduce the 2022 lineup during the September 13th event. 
9. iPhone 14 pro models may get the biggest camera upgrade. Several tech tipsters believe iPhone 14 will come with a 48MP main sensor, an upgrade from the 12MP main sensor in iPhone 13 


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