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How to Get Maximum Range from Electric scooter ?

Ever wondered how far electric scooters can go on a single charge? 

Electric scooters are getting more popular with every passing month and top manufacturers like Xiaomi and Segway launch improved quality products nearly every year. Electric scooters these days are seen on nearly every street in Dublin and countryside as well .

A Typical electric scooter's battery range is between 12 km to 65 km on a single charge. Several factors can influence your electric scooter battery performance. Most importantly charge your electric scooter to 100% battery. 

  1. User weight. Electric scooter motors are designed for specific body weight. Always refer manual/product specification sheet etc for the maximum allowed weight for your electric scooter. Higher weight will require more power from the battery to propel the electric scooter. Try to avoid carrying heavy bags and any other weight which might put extra pressure on the motor. 
  2. Terrain. Obviously while climbing uphill motor will use more battery power compared on a flat road or downhill. Most Dublin roads are flat except for a few places where their terrain has a bit of hill climbing which will reduce the range of your electric scooter.
  3. Traffic conditions. Just like Cars and motorbikes efficiency of electric scooters will differ as per traffic conditions.
  4. Wind speed: Sometimes in Dublin wind speed can be too much to ride your electric scooter. A Strong headwind can slow down your electric scooter. Maintaining a higher-speed motor will again consume more power from the battery.
  5. Make sure brakes are not too tight or loose.
  6. Aftermarket electrical equipment attached like extra light etc can have an adverse effect on the battery. More electrical equipment means more power consumption leading to lower mileage. 
  7. Firmware should be always updated
  8. Riding mode. In sports mode, a rider has more acceleration, and therefore motor will consume more battery power. Always ride at optimum speed without rapid acceleration and avoid the need to apply sudden breaks to get the best out of your electric scooter. Use eco mode to save power. Most electric scooters have 3 to 4 driving modes. These modes range from pedestrian mode, sports mode,eco mode, etc. In Eco mode cruise control helps to utilize the scooter battery more efficiently 
  9. Temperature: Always refer product manual for optimum operating temperature. Colder or hotter weather will have an effect on how long the electric scooter battery last on a single charge. This is the same with electric cars on Irish roads. 
  10. Tyre Pressure: Car owners know under-inflated tires will lead to lower fuel efficiency. Likewise, electric scooter tires need to be checked and inflated as per the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

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