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Why buy Xiaomi electric scooters in Ireland ?

Why buy Xiaomi electric scooters? 

So don't fall for the cheap copy electric scooters available in abundance in Ireland. There are plenty of products out in the market which is a copies of popular Xiaomi electric scooter models. Mostly they take inspiration from the highly popular Xiaomi M365 or Xiaomi Pro 2 electric scooter

They are copy models and cheap for a reason 

So first let's understand the important components of an electric scooter and the reason why you need to stay clear of cheap copy products 

1. Battery: In any electric scooter battery capacity / Battery built quality determines how far your scooter can ride. The typical scooter range is anywhere from 20 km for Xiaomi essential to 45 km for Xiaomi Pro 2. Then there are a few scooter models from Ninebot segway which can travel 60km or so on a single charge.

Battery quality also determines how fast your scooters can go and few European countries where Electric scooters are legal to ride have capped legal top speed to 25km/hr. Ireland laws limited electric scooters' top speed to 25 Km/hr. Anything faster than this is not only illegal but can be very dangerous for the rider. Batteries need anywhere between 3 hours to 5 hours for a full charge 

Now with cheap and non-branded electric scooter products firstly battery life is drastically low. While it might feel alright for the first few days or weeks but soon you will realize your e-scooter battery won't hold a charge for as long as when it was brand new

Battery charge time increases within a few weeks as these products generally cut corners in the battery. Generally, the cost of a battery is approximately 30% of the cost of the product so you know how important a component is this 

2. Controller: This is like the heart of any electric scooter which controls speed, different ride modes, and battery charge-related info. With Xiaomi, the controller is safely secure in a high-strength metal casing next to the battery compartment. In cheaper scooters, these controller wiring often comes off when the scooter experiences jerks due to bad road conditions like potholes or one of those rough rides. 

3. Chassis: An again most important part of the electric scooter body as it keeps the whole structure together. We have often seen quick folding mechanism-related parts going lost in case of cheap imitation products. These are small parts but very difficult to source as most repair shops might not stock exact screws/bolts etc 

4. Speed: Stay clear of electric scooters which can go faster than 25km/hr. Many 60V scooters out in the market can achieve as much as 60km/hr which is not only illegal in most countries but very dangerous for the rider 

Your regular commute to work might have a small patch where roads are uphill and inferior scooters just won't feel powerful in such circumstances. 

5. Last but not least long-term reliability. Xiaomi electric scooters are well known for to last few years if you use them as per manufacturer recommendation and service regularly. 

Why Buy Electric scooters from WWW.SIYU.IE 

We stock only OEM products and all-electric scooters are covered under a manufacturer warranty. 

We undertake scooter repairs and stock most of the spare parts needed. Any scooter purchased from will be repaired as needed by our team of expert technicians. We won't be stocking scooters that can't be fixed, serviced, or repaired. 

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