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How do Robot Vacuum cleaners Work ?

Robot vacuum cleaners typically are Round shaped as smart devices like the image below 


Smart Robot vacuums consist of

1. Spinning Brush: One or Two round spinning brushes and a rolling brush. Their job is to spin and pull all the dirt etc towards the center of the Vacuum cleaner. 

2. Suction Motor: This motor will determine the quality of cleaning. Also, this is the component that uses the maximum amount of power from the battery. Dirt gets pulled from the floor to the removable dirt compartment. A typical motor with 2500Pa suction power is decent enough to get a clean house. Some high-end models can have 2700 to 3000Pa or more suction power.

4. MOP: It's a cloth that wipes water from the floor. Most Robot vacuum cleaners will have control of how much water the user wants to spray on the floor and then a MOP cloth will wipe the same. Entry to mid-range of robot vacuum cleaners will simply wipe the floor where are few high-end Robot cleaners have Sonic vibration function which in effect means these will scrub and wipe the floor. This is why some Robot vacuum cleaners cost €500 and upwards. 

5. Battery. Again just like all other electronic devices like mobiles, Electric cars, etc, Robot vacuum cleaners have a rechargeable battery in them. Battery capacity can range from 3000mAh to 4500mAh. The higher the battery capacity longer the vacuum cleaner will work on a single charge, cleaning a larger area. Well, unlike traditional cordless stick vacuum cleaners where the user has to charge the battery, a Robot vacuum is smart enough to return to the charging dock on its own, get charged, and resume the cleaning task from the point where it left.

6. Dust and Water tank. All Robot vacuum cleaners will have min 1 tank to a max of 3 tanks supplied inside the box. These tanks are 

  • 1. Dust tank. The robot will only vacuum and not mop.
  • 2. Water tank. The robot vacuum will only mop and not vacuum.
  • 3. 2 in 1 tank. The robot vacuum can mop and vacuum at the same time
7. Charging Dock. The charging dock or charger is kept on the floor and the Robot vacuum cleaner will always automatically find its charger in the house and stays plugged in. 


8. Sensors. The best Robot vacuums include various types of basic to advance sensors. Downward-facing sensors are the most common and help the device from driving over a ledge such as stairs. More expensive models have sensors on top that can map rooms as they clean. Refer images below. The robot Vacuum includes a visual navigator, optical, cliff, and infrared sensors to map its path and in turn create a map of rooms. You can then further customize its route from the smart app. Users can select to vacuum any specific area in the smart app. 


Xiaomi Robot vacuum cleaner smart app, floor map created by the vacuum cleaner is 99% accurate

I above image is a Robot vacuum cleaner smart app. Users can select between 4 power modes for vacuum and 3 levels for mopping. Higher the suction power, better the cleaning but more usage of battery and higher noise level. Likewise, water flow on floors can be controlled on 3 levels 


Basic robot vacuums can be programmed to run on a schedule using controls on the device itself. Higher-end models can be managed by basic controllers as well as smartphone apps or even a smart speaker.

No matter which Robot vacuum you end up owning, you can be sure that it will pick up debris from all over your residence. Xiaomi and Roborock Robot vacuums can be programmed to run when you are not home, you can come back to a clean house every day of the week.


1. Robot vacuum cleaner not returning to charging dock 

Reason : Most Robot vacuum cleaners will automatically return to charging dock when battery needs charging or user can select to return to charging dock by pressing home button on top of device or by smart phone app. Robot vacuum cleaner devise emits infra red rays to deduct charging dock location. Sometimes this port is covered in thin dust both at devise end and charging dock end and this is why Robot vacuum cleaner is not able to return to charging dock.

Solution : Just wipe the charging dock and robot vacuum cleaner with clean microfibre cloth and wipe any dust etc. Robot vacuum cleaner should now easily return to charging dock on its own  


We feel Robot vacuum cleaners are the future of home cleaning. With working couples and kids at home, one needs a device that requires bare min manual operations. Cleaning is a daily household chore and people spend 20 mins to up to an hour cleaning the house. Now with Robot vacuum cleaners one can come back to a clean house and save time and energy. 

Several advantages of Robot vacuum cleaners over traditional hovers are 

1. Storage: Require a very small place due to the compact size 
2. Remote cleaning. can clean while you are sleeping or at work 
3. Quite: Most vacuums have settings on smartphone to operate at very low noise 
4. Mopping: Most households use 2 large devices one each for vacuum and mopping. Now one compact device can do the job of two

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