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  • Waterproof IP67 housing
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Voice / video calls
  • Touch color display
  • GPS / WiFi / LBS / AGPS location
  • GEO fence, SOS button and remote eavesdropping
  • Watch search function
  • Built-in camera
  • Alarm clock / calculator
  • 12 Month warranty
  • Simfree / Factory unlocked / No contracts – Can be used on all networks in Ireland and worldwide
  • Grade A used device.
  • Tested and certified by highly trained technicians.


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Garett Kids Trendy 4G – even closer to the child

A smart watch is a device that allows you to establish immediate contact with your child. This will give you peace of mind, and the toddler will know that they can always count on you. The Garett Kids Trendy 4G smartwatch will successfully replace the phone and will not be damaged when worn on the wrist as a result of dropping. When a child feels insecure, it will notify the adult that help is needed thanks to the SOS button. Intuitive operation and simple settings provide a sense of security, and the available applications are a source of fun.

A smart watch for special tasks

The Garett Kids Trendy 4G smartwatch is a compact device with an ergonomic case and a comfortable silicone strap that does not limit freedom of movement. Thanks to this, it works well during dynamic games and sports. The IP67 standard is protection against dust and in short-term contact with water. What does this mean in practice? Your child can play in the snow, rain, mud or just in the sandpit without any obstacles – and you won't have to worry about your child destroying the device.

Reliable contact with a younger child

A smart watch is not hidden in a backpack like a phone, the toddler always has it on top, so it takes only a few seconds to answer the call or dial the guardian’s number. Voice messages will replace text messages when a child is chasing around the playground. In addition, the nano-SIM card allows video calls, and remote eavesdropping allows you to make sure that nothing bad is happening in the child's environment. A model with a new standard of connectivity with GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi technologies will always ‘tell’ you where the young explorer is.

GEOfencing for safety during games

GEOfencing is a way to control the child's actions without unduly interfering with their independence. The Garett Kids Trendy 4G smartwatch, with the ability to digitally designate a safe play space, will inform you, through an app on your phone, when your toddler leaves the established zone. You can set GEOfencing on up to 3 arbitrary areas with the help of the app. The ability to recreate the route travelled in the application will allow you to check how the child spends time. For this, the pedometer option on the watch will be useful for monitoring actual activity.

Reliable inside and out

Modern gaskets, durable materials and well-integrated components will ensure the safety of processes, nano-SIM cards, and other components. The simplified interface means your child will not have the slightest problem with the operation of the smart watch and will take full advantage of its capabilities, both while playing and trying to contact a parent.

Garett Kids Trendy 4G – you won't lose this watch

The comfortable profile of the Garett smartwatch, a soft strap and a well-placed case on the wrist means the child will not want to take it off. A watch that is always next to your hand is really hard to lose! This is prevented by a comfortable clasp that performs its function well. If it so happens that after the bath it disappears somewhere between clothes or disappears among the toys after the bath, you can easily locate it thanks to the system watch search function. This is really equipment for special tasks.

Communication in every situation

With an active nano-SIM card installed, Garett Kids Trendy 4G offers constant connectivity to the network thanks to Wi-Fi and LTE modules. With a smooth transition from one network to another, you don't have to worry about disconnection or difficulty locating your device and thus its small owner. The 700 mAh battery will not let you down either. After a 2-hour charge, it lasts up to 2 days, and the need for another charge is signaled by an alarm.

Sleep monitoring and a pleasant wake-up call with Garett Kids Trendy 4G

The sleep monitoring function is a valuable tool that records and transmits information about your child's night rest. Thus, the watch allows you to analyze the circadian rhythm of the toddler even more accurately and confront them with the real needs recommended for a given age. Garett Kids Trendy 4G allows for comfortable use not only during the day, but also at night; the rectangular case housing does not limit movements, while the elastic strap model does not press the wrist. In addition, the alarm clock does not pull out of sleep, but gently wakes up.

Garett Kids Trendy 4G Watch – for learning and playing

A smartwatch with a built-in camera allows you to capture good memories. Convenient photo viewing is provided by a 1.4 inch colour screen. In addition, the watch allows the child to share images with loved ones. In addition, the device offers other practical applications. The Garett Kids Trendy 4G is a device with a calculator and is useful for learning and solving tasks. The maths game installed in it helps in learning and allows you to consolidate knowledge with pleasure. The stopwatch function, in turn, works well during active games in the yard.

Compatible with iOS and Android

In the modern Garett Kids Trendy 4G children's smartwatch, a menu in Polish has been installed, thanks to which the toddler will easily use all the functions of the watch. This model is compatible with iOS 9.0 and later and Android 4.0 and subsequent versions. So, you definitely don't have to worry about connecting your device to your phone. The free application, integrating both systems, will create a reliable communication channel for you and your child. It will prove useful not only in everyday life, but also in the event of a potential threat.

  • Waterproof IP67 housing
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Voice / video calls
  • Touch color display
  • GPS / WiFi / LBS / AGPS location
  • GEO fence, SOS button and remote eavesdropping
  • Watch search function
  • Built-in camera
  • Alarm clock / calculator

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